Innovation +

Funding Initiative for digital Higher Education

Project: Computational Mechanics


The course Computational Mechanics enables students to assess and interpret the results of Finite Element analyses. Exam results and the students' learning behaviour have shown that conventional teaching methods are no longer suitable to compensate for a lack of knowledge or insufficient transferable key skills.

Redesign with Flipped Classroom

To counteract this process, the course has been redesigned using the framework of an agile teaching framework, specifically a Flipped Classroom approach. This new structure allows for the active construction of knowledge through self-directed learning, based on immediate, continuous and individual feedback. Further, it fosters a learner-oriented, discursive and interactive culture of teaching and learning. Communication and consultation processes were enhanced by digital tools. This enables large, heterogeneous groups of students to engage with the course content in a reflective way, while increasing self, social and methodological competencies.

After successful implementation, the concept was extended by a guided teambuilding process, in order to further strengthen the development of transferable skills.

Funded by MWK Lower Saxony

The funding programme Innovation plus is an initiative by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture. The funding permits scope for lecturers to attend to the development of innovative teaching and tearning concepts.