Engineering education in the context of education and industry 4.0

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The Institute of Mechanics and Computational Mechanics develops teaching and learning scenarios that convey technical and interdisciplinary competencies in a student-oriented, discursive and interactive way. The individual formats are always consistently linked to a didactic concept.

The digitalization fundamentally changes educational structures in higher education institutions, challenging them to implement and strategically align spaces for innovation in this digital world. Beyond that - despite excellent job opportunities - an increasing number of students of STEM disciplines face insuperable challenges, resulting in high dropout rates. 

StudyIng 4.0

The project StudyIng 4.0 – Opening and Individualizing Teaching and Learning in the Context of Industry 4.0 aims at introducing new impluses into engineering education by means of digital concepts. Complex and mostly abstract subjects should be conveyed in a learner-oriented, well-illustrated and applicable way to

  • facilitate the entry into higher education, considering the diverse educational backgrounds of students as well as the demand for learning at any time and place.

  • implement the conscious use of digital technologies as a crucial aspect of academic competence acquisition.

  • increase the qualifications and employability of graduates who will shape and further develop the concept of the “Working World 4.0” once entering the job market.

Redesign of Computational Mechanics thanks to funding initiative