Semester Projects and Final Theses

Semester Projects and Final Theses

The staff of the Institute of Mechanics and Computational Mechanics continuously supervise semester projects and final theses. On this page you'll find an overview of current possible topics for semester projects and theses as well as templates for your scientific work.  

An overview of currently offered topics for student projects and theses is provided here. Topics will be defined on an individual basis with the primary supervisor. You may also suggest a topic within our scope of teaching and research. Also browse the staff pages to learn more about their individual research interests and projects.

Each thesis consists of a written report (80%) and its presentation within a colloquium (20%).

  • Who do I contact if I have any questions?

    Theses in the Bachelor's programme:

    Take a look at the topics offered. Some topics are already concretely formulated, others are general and can be concretised in consultation with the supervising tutor. If you are interested in a topic, please contact the supervising tutor as indicated in the corresponding PDF file. If no PDF is linked or no supervising tutor is noted, please contact our staff member M. Sc. Esther Voelsen. She will also advise you on general questions regarding work in the Bachelor's programme.

    Theses in the Master's programme:

    Take a look at the topics offered. If you are interested in a topic, feel free to contact the supervising tutor directly, as noted in the corresponding PDF file. 

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    For most topics you will find a linked PDF file on this page. If you receive an error message or a faulty website opens, please contact our staff member Paula Carstens  and mention the title where the error occurred. She will look into it as soon as possible and let you know as soon as the error has been corrected.


Object for 3D printing (Photo: M. Mika, 2017) Object for 3D printing (Photo: M. Mika, 2017) Object for 3D printing (Photo: M. Mika, 2017)
Object for 3D printing (Photo: M. Mika, 2017)
Bending loaded beam Bending loaded beam Bending loaded beam © IBNM 2018
Bending loaded beam (Picture: IBNM 2018)

5CP (Workload 150h), duration 6 months

The project thesis is the student's first thesis within their Bachelor program. The student will learn academic standards by a small experimental, analytic or other research project. The faculty offers the course "Vorbereitung auf die Projektarbeit / Studienarbeit'' (information may be found via StudIP) which the student should be advised to attend. At IBNM the following topics requiring knowledge in Computational Mechanics are currently offered:


Students who did not attend the course Computational Mechanics may study these fundamentals themselves (e.g. with the help of our ILIAS module).

Alternatively, we also offer experimental and analytical studies to build upon the foundations of Mechanics A+B. In this case, an individual topic can be found from a selection of fields during a personal discussion.

If you have further questions, please contact Esther Voelsen, M. Sc.


Stress state visualised in VR (Illustration: M. Meyer, 2018) Stress state visualised in VR (Illustration: M. Meyer, 2018) Stress state visualised in VR (Illustration: M. Meyer, 2018)
Stress state visualised in VR (Illustration: M. Meyer, 2018)

12CP (Workload 360h) duration 6 months  

The bachelor thesis is the final thesis of the Bachelor program. At IBNM the topic usually has a major numerical aspect. While it is not required that the student has passed Computational Mechanics, fundamental knowledge of numerical methods such as FEM is expected. Otherwise the knowledge must be independently gained outside the thesis through personal study. The following topics are currently offered at IBNM:  


12CP (Workload 360h) duration 6 months  

The (interdisciplinary) project replaces the seminar thesis according to the previous exam regulations. The project aims to apply the student's knowledge to an engineering problem. Here, an interdisciplinary context should be considered, e.g. collaboration with other institutes or faculties. The (interdisciplinary) project may be written in preparation for the master thesis.

Among other things, the following topic is offered at the IBNM: 

Seminar thesis only for PO15

5CP (Workload 150h) duration 6 months

The seminar thesis is a literature review or study within the Master program. Ideally, it is followed by a master thesis within the same field of research. In this case, the student can use the seminar thesis to prepare for the master thesis.


External offer: Master's thesis on the numerical simulation of drying processes in car body painting at Porsche