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Surrogate modelling for the monitoring of implants

Surrogate modelling for the monitoring of implants

Leitung:  Udo Nackenhorst
Team:  Marlis Reiber
Jahr:  2021
Förderung:  DFG-funded collaborative research centre/transregio 298 “Safety-Integrated and Infection-Reactive Implants” (SIIRI)

High-fidelity computational simulations can be used to predict the long-term stability and possible failure of implants. Furthermore, the patient’s individual conditions can be considered to optimise the monitoring of the implantation. However, these models require a high computational effort due to their complexity and are not feasible for clinical application. Therefore, this project aims to develop surrogate models, which have a reduced complexity, and can easily be adapted to patient specific conditions and thus be incorporated in the daily clinical practice.

This project focusses on the customisation of a hip-joint simulation tool for automatic parametric simulation and the development of surrogate models. For the customisation, the full high-fidelity model will be parametrised. This includes the geometry generation, the mapping of the bone mass density, the calculation of the statically equivalent loads and finally the calculation of the bone remodelling and the osseointegration.

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